Gangaputra Narendra Modi At Kumbh


By Parijat Tripathi  Editor Director GT

Today is the 42nd day of Kumbh Mela. Due to being special today, the special movement was seen in Prayagraj today, everyone was waiting for the arrival of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Kumbh Mela today. Special security arrangements were made in view of the arrival of PM Modi. In the whole Prayagraj city including Kumbh arena, 43 thousand security personnel were deployed in the security of the Prime Minister and all the devotees of Kumbha. Though the army personnel is already present here for their security duty in Kumbh. Due to being Sunday today, a high number of visitors are seen in the fair, still, the system remained well as always.

At around three o’clock today Prime Minister Narendra Modi landed at the helipad in Aral observing 20 cultural platforms from the air in the city. Then with his special security squad, he reached to Sangam Ghat. During this time the people were already gathered at Sangam Ghat desperate to get a glimpse of PM Modi. With his Ganga Maa prayers, PM Modi took the holy dip in the holy Triveni water.  After bathing the Prime Minister reached at the Puja Manch in Triveni Sangam where he performed a special poojan surrounded by the echo of the mantras. Then he joined the grand Ganga Arti at Sangam itself. The

Chief minister of the state, Yogi Adityanath were accompanying him during this tour of the PM to Kumbh. After the Aarti, Modi washed the feet of the sweeping – cleaning personnel in a plate in order to render his respect for their significant work. He also met with security personnel and boat drivers and thanked them for their important contribution in making Kumbh a success. After this, the Prime Minister’s caravan left for Ganga Manch located at the Sector 1 of Kumbh arena.

Before the speech of the PM in the Ganga Manch hall full of the security and sweeping-cleaning personnel,  CM Yogi, Minister of Drinking Water, Uma Bharti and Deputy Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Keshav Prasad Maurya addressed the gathering.  Uma Bharti welcomed the Prime Minister along with the Chief Minister and named PM Modi as the most powerful Prime Minister of the world. He called sweeping – cleaning personnel as the worshipers of cleanliness and thanked him for his contribution in giving the concept of the Divya and Bhavya Kumbh at Prayagraj.

In his address, CM Yogi welcomed and congratulated Prime Minister Modi for providing inspiration for the clean and safe concept of Kumbh. Yogi pointed out the lines of Mahakavi Dinkar connecting them with the Prime Minister’s persona – ‘Sakshi hain jinki mahima ke / desh, itihaas aur bhoogol / aaj kalam tu unki jai bol !’ The Chief Minister said that so far 22 crore people have completed their bath in the Kumbh and in the next ten days the number will cross 25 crores. Yogi said that Prime Minister Modi has donated a sum of Rs. 12 crores to the Namami Ganga project by making an auction of the gifts received by him in the last four and a half years in the last four years. While making special mention of the Culture Department of the state, he said that their efforts in presenting Cultural Stages at Kumbh have been proved a live window of India’s culture. The cultural stages prepared here are the vibrant glimpse of the cultural beauty of the country. He praised the Prime Minister for his devoted effort to clean Mother Ganga, calling him another Bhagirathi.

Prime Minister Modi said that if you are the servant of Ram Ji, then I am your principal servant. If you are Ganga sons then I have come to your service with the invitation of mother Ganga.

Modi said that this time the Kumbh has emerged as a digital Kumbh. The role of digital technology has also been equally effective in the success of Kumbh. The prime minister also complimented the dedicated service of Uttar Pradesh Police during the Kumbh. He also thanked the Department for their hard work and congratulated all the devotees who came to Kumbh, saying that our respected visitors and guests have kept the success of the Kumbh prior to their fatigue. PM Modi appreciated the Uttar Pradesh government and the state’s officials for their hard work done in the Kumbh. Modi said that Kumbh has also given the message of cleanliness to the nation with divinity and grandeur.

The cultural programs were abuzz at the different prime cultural stages within the Kumbh arena as usual. Lucknow’s folk artist Chandan presented folk dance of Uttaranchal on the Akshayavat Manch located in Sector 4. After this program of folk dance, artist duo of Lucknow Aditi Jaiswal and Rubal’s special Kathak group dance were seen with applause. After this special presentation, folk singer Sanju Singh from Lucknow presented popular Bhojpuri songs. After the Bhojpuri songs, the folk dance of Brij was performed by Mathura’s artist Gitanjali Sharma.

At the Bhardwaj Manch located at Sector 6, Swati Tripathi of Prayagraj presented folk dance, after which the singer of Lucknow Neeta Nigam also presented another folk songs. Following the performances of folk dance and songs, singer Sudhir Kumar Tiwari of Jaunpur sang Bhojpuri folk songs. In the end, Lucknow’s singer Beauty Chakraborty’s melodious folk songs and dance received a lot of applause from the audience.

At the Yamuna Manch at Sector 17 today Sumita Sharma, from Delhi, gave a  Katthak performance in which she presented Rudrashtakam and then she danced at Sargam, showing the music a form of life which is happiness. In this sequence, the next was the Biraha singing, which was presented by Kamlesh Chandra Yadav of Prayagraj. Yadav inaugurated his  program with “Maiya Mori Tohre Bhave Hmari Navariya.” And with the next Birha singhing ‘Nazar se dekh kar bhi sansar banaa andhaa hai’ he received lots of applause from the viewers.  As the program progressed, Annu Sahni, who came from Gorakhpur, presented his songs in light music. He sang Gandhi’s bhajan – Vaishnav Jan Te Tene Kahiye.. and then the Holi song ‘Khelat Rang Kishor Kishori’ with Lata Mangeshkar’s songs. At the end singer Sanjay Sharma and his team were presented with the folk dance ‘Mayur Raas’, and then impressed the audience with his beautiful presentation of Deepak dance with the song “Shri Govardhan Maharaj Mathhe Mukut Biraj Raho”.

At the Saraswati Manch of Sector 13, Shailendra Singh Yadav from Lucknow staged a  play. Following the drama, Abhishek Mishra of Lucknow presented a special dance Bhaav Nritya which was never seen here in the Kumbh before.  Lucknow’s artist Sanjoli Pandey also presented the program of dance and singing. After this program of music, Dr. Inder Kumar Chaurasia, the artist of Lucknow, staged a play whose dialogues received lots of praise from the audience, the audience also liked the message of the drama with their applause.

The cultural stages around the city were also busy all day displaying beautiful performances of the artists from across the nation. Today, on the cultural platforms near the Kila Chaurah, Akshayvat Manch and Bharadwaj Manch, Harsha Chaurasia of Sagar, presented folk dance, in response to which Durgesh Prasad, artist from Jamshedpur, also earned a lot of appreciation with his program of folk dance.

At the cultural stages near KP Inter College, Leprosy Mission Crossing and Saraswati Ghat-Naini Bridge,   Rajinikanth Sonak of Lucknow staged a play following that Anokha Mayajal and Party from Prayagraj entertained the audience by presenting a magic show. At the cultural stages near Sanskriti Gram Chauraha, Arail  Sector 19 and Vallabhacharya Morh,  Bengal Magic Group of Lucknow presented a magic program. Following the magical program, Durgemaheshwari Seva Sansthan, Lucknow presented a folk dance, whereas an entertaining program of Kavi Sammelan was presented by Masoom And Party of Dewas which received lots of applause.

At the cultural stages near Balson Chauraha, Indramrui Chauraha and Bank Chouraha (Prayag station), today, Bengal Magic Group of  Lucknow presented a magic show, while the actor from Lucknow Vivek Mishra, not only entertained the audience by offering entertainment but also a significant message through his drama he staged.  At the cultural stages near  Subhash Chouraha, Civil Lines bus stop and Patthar Wala Church, Lucknow artist Anjali Khanna performed a folk dance show in response to which folk artist Rajendra Rahi won the audience’s heart with his folk dance performance.

At the cultural stages near University Tiraha and Rajapur Traffic Crossing, a folk dance of Jyoti Karan Ratan, Lucknow’s artist was seen by the viewers whereas Prayagraj’s singer Rajwant Singh presented an emotional Birha singing. After the singing, a beautiful duet was also performed by two small artist girls on the stage on the song Ee Reliya Bairan Piya Ka Le Ke Jaye Re. this was the most loved performance here on these stages.

Then at the cultural stages near Hiralal Halwai Chauk, Hathi Park and Prayagraj junction, a drama was staged by Lucknow’s Rang Sangam Sansthan after which Lucknow’s Kishan Mishra presented a powerful performance of folk singing