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 Made-in-India Gift with Pace From the Railways

By GovernanceToday
In Railway
April 1, 2018

Highest Speed Train Arriving With June

(Archana Sherry)


The Railways has a good news on the track. It is following Made-in-India drive. And it is also ready with the first indigenously manufactured semi-high-speed train of India which is well capable of 160 km per hour speed. The self-propelled train is going to be rolled out in June which will be on electric traction like the metro and won’t require a locomotive to pull it.

Not only the high speed is its unique quality, the train can also accelerate quickly, helping to cut travel time. It is set to be deployed in place of one of the premium Shatabdi Express trains. The 16-coach train, which will have chair-car seating and all modern facilities, will cost about Rs 100 crore.

Talk about the coaches in it. Being forty percent cheaper than similar design European coaches, each coach in the train costs Rs 6 crore. The Indian Railways-owned Integral Coach Factory in Chennai is manufacturing the train. “This will be the first ever semi-high-speed train that is being manufactured by Indian Railways on its own. The train set would be able to run at the speed of 160 km per hour, making it the fastest in the country,” as per the ICF general manager, Mr. Sudhanshu Mani.

‘The arrival of the trains displays a wonderful future. They are eventually going to replace all Shatabdi trains with its successful presence,’ says the GM. He also holds that -its seating would be more spacious. ICF, one of the leading coach manufacturers for the Indian Railways, is now moving towards making high-end train sets under the government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative. “We’ll be producing a record number of 2,500 rail coaches including 1,100 LHB coaches this year, which will be the highest ever for the ICF facility,” Mani said. LHB coaches are new-generation passenger type coaches developed by Linke-Hofmann-Busch of Germany.

The management is optimistic and now it is planning to manufacture light body aluminum trains based on European standards. “The aluminum train set is likely to roll out in 2020 and it will be much more energy-efficient and will follow the European standards and will be kind of a leapfrog for rail technology in India,” the sentence sees the satisfaction on the General Manager’s countenance.


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