Mission Shakti Success : India Space Super Power next to USA , Russia, China and 4th in world


Mission Shakti will make India “stronger, even more secure and will further peace and harmony. In the journey of every nation there are moments that bring utmost pride and have a historic impact on generations to come. One such moment is today,” tweeted the PM after addressing the nation. India stands tall as a space power, added the PM. 

“He added that India has successfully tested the Anti-Satellite (ASAT) Missile. Congratulations to everyone on the success of Mission Shakti was a highly complex one, conducted at extremely high speed with remarkable precision. It shows the remarkable dexterity of India’s outstanding scientists and the success of our space programme.”

The purpose of an anti-satellite missile system is to destroy enemy satellites and stop the enemy from communicating with troops or accessing vital information about incoming missiles and troop movements. China, which began its ASAT testing programme a few years ago, had led India to bring changes in its space programme

Modi’s announcement could be seen as a counter to China’s growing space military programme. China conducted its anti-satellite missile test in 2013 when it launched its new ASAT (anti-satellite) missile, the Dong Neng-2 or DN-2, and in 2015, had tested a satellite-killing missile DN-3, which was seen as a threat to US space assets.