Modi government 2.0: 75 days, Health, Social, Farmer to Kashmir


Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented an account of the functioning of the central government on the 75th day of his second term. Usually, the government presents its report card in 100 days. He described the government’s functioning so far as excellent. He said that the government has done a good job from Kashmir to the farmers, working in a clear policy and right direction.

The unprecedented speed was set within a few days of the formation of the government. PM Modi said in an interview to news agency IANS that we have set an unprecedented pace within a few days of the formation of the government. What we have achieved is the result of a clear policy and working in the right direction. Our government has done a lot of work in the first 75 days. The government began with an integrated approach to improve water supply and promote water conservation and the formation of a Ministry of Waterpower for a mission mode to address the most urgent issue of our time.

Prime Minister Modi said that the government is doing a great job due to the strong return. The 75-day work of the government is the result of the same strong foundation that we had built in the last five years. Due to hundreds of reforms done in the last five years, the country is ready to move ahead at this pace. People’s feelings and aspirations are also connected in the work of government. This has happened not just because of the government, but also because of the strength in Parliament.

Expressing happiness over the most work being done in the budget session of the 17th Lok Sabha, PM Modi said that in my view it is not a small achievement, but a historic turning point for betterment, which has made Parliament more accountable to the needs of the people. Many historical initiatives were taken, including pension schemes for farmers and traders, reforms in the medical sector, important amendments to the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, the introduction of labour reforms. Implementing and taking bold decisions instead of wasting time and long-term thinking has become the hallmark of the government.

Removal of Articles 370 and 35A was a shock to Pakistan Prime Minister Modi said that no decision can be bigger than Kashmir. He said that the systematic and uninterrupted manner in which the government successfully removed Article-370 and Article-35A not only astonished Pakistan’s eyes but also left it stunned. Due to the strength in the Parliament, the government has been able to make the best decisions one after the other in its first 75 days.

Earlier governments thought over the NMC bill, but could not move forward. The PM said on the question asked on the doctors’ displeasure over the NMC bill that when the government was formed in 2014, many concerns were raised about the current system of medical education. Earlier, the courts had lodged strong-word objections against the institutions handling medical education in India. They were called strongholds of corruption. A parliamentary committee had presented a disappointing picture of medical education after intensive study. Earlier governments had thought about improving the region, but could not move forward in this direction.

From reforms in the health sector to action against corruption, ‘PM Modi said that we have decided to move forward in improving the health sector. It is a matter related to the health of the people and the future of the youth. The National Medical Commission (NMC) is a far-reaching reform in this area to deal with the current problems. There are many dimensions of reform in it, which eliminate the opportunities for corruption and increase transparency. He said that the government has shown everything from protecting children to Chandrayaan-2, from taking action against corruption to getting Muslim women out of triple talaq.