Modi-shah Doctrine “sabka saath sabka vikas sabka vishwas” in Kashmir


Modi government is working on a special plan for fast peace and normal life in Jammu and Kashmir.

The entire effort of the Modi Government is to establish peace in Jammu and Kashmir. For this, the center is constantly trying, but now the government is preparing a big plan for the establishment of peace in the Kashmir Valley rapidly. The removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir and its two Union Territories (Union Territory) The Modi government has been continuously trying to establish peace in the Kashmir Valley since it was divided into. But now the Modi government is going to implement a big plan to normalize the situation here.

According to official sources, IAS officers of Jammu and Kashmir and officials of Kashmir Administrative Services (KAS) in the coming days will tell about the benefits of the decision from door to door, at least 20 information about the benefits of removing Article 370 (Article 370) -20 to local families. Apart from this, with the removal of Section 370, what will be the improvement in the conditions, the accounts of the officers will be given to the families. To tell about these benefits, the government will also take recourse to TV, radio and other media.

Attention will also be given on the speedy completion of the schemes, not only this, as much attention will be given to informing people on this front, equally fast and successful implementation of these schemes is to be given attention. For this, officials of Kashmir administration and IAS officers appointed there will review the development works and efforts will be made to complete these projects expeditiously. Apart from this, to promote industries here, from 12 to 14 October in Srinagar to hold investor summit. In this, big industrialists have been invited to invest in Kashmir.

3700 crores allocated for the development of villages of Kashmir. Development of villages of Jammu and Kashmir is also included in this plan. The Rural Development Department of Jammu and Kashmir together with the center will complete the schemes being run under it. The central government has allocated Rs 3700 crore for the development of villages in Jammu and Kashmir. Which will be spent in the development of 40 thousand sarpanch villages of the Union Territory. Farmers who undertake gardening and animal husbandry will get special help with the help of the center and the state, to modernize the apple orchards here and to increase the yield, the gardening department (Gardening Department) Department) will work. Also, every apple-growing farmer will be brought under the Fruit Growers Association. Apart from this, many plans are being made for beekeeping farmers. There is a plan to boost milk production here by talking with Mother Dairy and Amul. Right now, milk has to be sourced from Kashmir and Punjab in Haryana. Now there is also a plan to give money for dairy and animal husbandry in the villages of Kashmir for production. Every citizen will be ensured the benefits of government schemes, like the Ujjwala / Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana and Pension Plan. It will be told to whom it has not reached yet, after which work will be done to reach it. Apart from this, Kashmiri youth can show their talent openly, there is also a plan to run TV shows like Kashmir Got Talent.