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Noida : Proud of Being a Real High TECH city

By GovernanceToday
July 11, 2018

Prime Minister Modi inaugurates World’s Largest Cellphone Factory at Noida


(Tripathi Indranil)


South Korea is proud of the Samsung. And now India is proud of the technical-amity with Korea. Yes, the top biz city of Uttar Pradesh state, Noida is abuzz with the tech-news. New Samsung factory will have the capacity to fabricate 120 million smartphones per year. Samsung will also produce all in the sector of low-end smartphones which will cost under $100 for the company’s flagship S9 model.

As per the presumed estimates, the unit will have a capacity of fabricating 120 million phones a year. South Korean President Moon Jae was also present at the inauguration with the Indian Prime Minister. Both travelled to Noida in Delhi Metro for the Samsung factory launch venue. The two leaders were seen chatting on the metro and the Akshardham temple was visible in the window behind them, in the photos tweeted by PM Modi.

Now the main development, the world’s biggest mobile factory was launched in Noida on July 09, 2018 by Indian Prime Minister along with the South Korean President. This Noida-Samsung unit will have a capacity of fabricating 120 million phones a year — ranging from low-end smartphones. It will build 10 million phones a month, 70 percent of which will be earmarked for domestic usage.

Around 40 crore Indians own smartphones already along with  32 crore people who use broadband, quoted PM Modi in his address at the event. The 30 percent phones for export will help place the country in the Global market, he added.

Connecting the development to the Make in India drive the Prime Minister said -“This step today would lend pace to Make in India, apart from empowering citizens… This is a matter of pride for Uttar Pradesh and India.” In his speech, he confidently sounded pushing foreign firms to set up plants in the country.

The relating occurrence belongs to last year when the taxes on import of key smartphone components were imposed by the government as part of a plan to make India an electronics-manufacturing hub to boost growth and create tens of millions of new jobs.

Sighting it as a grand opportunity for generating jobs, Mr. Modi said- “Samsung has provided employment to approximately 70,000 people, the new plant will provide employment to 1000 more.”

Our country already has overtaken the US to become the world’s second-largest smartphone market after China last year. Going by the study conducted by Cisco Systems, in the year 2021, there are going to be 780 million connected smartphones in the country in comparison with 359 million in 2016.

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