The Putin Returns : Sequel 4

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April 6, 2018


The Putin Returns: Sequel 4



(Parijat Tripathi)


Putin is back to Russia the fourth time. He may be now known as the Unstoppable Vladimir Putin 4.0. He has quickly become one of the most powerful politicians in the world. And yes, he is one of the top scarry politicians in the world too. It took him a long climb to the top with years of struggles working in the intelligence along with local politics before arriving at the chair of the topmost leader of the country.

Russia is a royal nation – in nature and in history too.  With a long beaming arena of the culture well known to the world, it has given many leaders to the world too. Being one of the historic leaders of Russia, Vladimir Putin could become even more relevant to the world in the years to come. Though American President has been seen criticizing him for cozying up to the leader of a country that is thought to work to undermine Western democracies, Putin still is what he is.

Rising of Putin’s stature is scary to some in the world but particularly to American politicians, he seems to be scarier. His another rise to power may prove to be horrifying literally for some. 

Putin won the 2000 presidential election by a 53% to 30% margin, thus avoiding a runoff with his Communist Party of the Russian Federation opponent, Gennady Zyuganov. Putin focused primarily on domestic affairs during his first term when he mainly headed with a two-point agenda: the war with Chechnya and the Yeltsin-era oligarchs. He rose to power when the country was undergoing a tough time – The conflict with Chechnya – a region that’s officially considered a Russian subject.

The first Chechen war was not of that significance as the second was.  This was the war which gave the MAN OF ACTION reputation to Putin. The way he tackled the Chechen militants, was a history. His approval rating was up at 83% after the problem finally got solved.

The year 2004 polls brought Putin back. With the re-election, he paid attention during this second term to domestic affairs but drew major criticism for his crackdown on the media, which was a long-awaited longing of a leader like him. But it was interesting to see some Western leaders criticize him for failing to protect the media.

With all his style-actions Putin remained overall, to be well-liked. And the GDP proved his worth too. The GDP increased 70% during his first two terms along with an increase in investments by 125%.  Russia was lucky in that the country largely relied on oil and sure was a luck from the heavens.

The year 2008 changed Putin’s role and his second inning started in a new fashion. The newly elected president of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev chose Putin the new PM the very next day of his own arrival.

 it was then in the year 2012, a six long years term for the PM Putin. He was elected as the President again for the third time. Though the election was termed as controversial, still officially, Putin succeeded to accumulate nearly 64% of the vote.

Then came the year 2014. In the month of March  2014, Putin caught the world’s attention when he annexed Crimea in one of the most complicated and controversial geopolitical moves of the year. On the request of the ousted, pro-Russia president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych,  Putin used the Russian military to restore law and order in Ukraine on March 2, 2014.

The Western sanctions over his actions compelled Putin to explore a relationship with China as a required new trading partner. Putin indirectly made efforts to disintegrate the NATO which sure would be a victory for Russia. NATO is the prime obstacle stopping Putin’s expansion of Russian power in throughout eastern Europe.

And the inner stories see lots of Kremlin opponents silently have died by poisoning during the last decade. For instance, Alexander Litvinenko, a former KGB agent or more recently Vladimir Kara-Murza, a critic of the Kremlin. Being a tough political stalwart Putin it seems to be next to impossible for him to be unaware of the sideline operations for neutralizing the ‘inner enemies’.  Putin’s opponents are also well aware of his not being too kind to them. Along with the accusations of sanctioning the murders of journalists and dissidents, Putin has been known to use intimidation tactics to shake people down who tried to come on his way. His opponents also say, Putin has carefully crafted his strongman image – and there are plenty of photos of him shirtless in the wilderness prove his hardcore inner persona.

This is another suspense story of Russian Political  Crimes which belongs to Mikhail Khodorkovsky, formerly one of the richest men in Russia. The man very manly fought against the Russian energy giant Yukos during the decade of 1990. He also rendered a detailed presentation over Russian corruptions to Putin itself. What happened later was an epitome of an unfair justice. The businessman was accused of corruption only which was tax evasion and was put behind the bars. He is said to be living in exile nowadays.

Now let us analyze the persona of Putin internationally. Around the world only competitor politically and trade-wise he has is Donald Trump being the Chief Elected Leader of the United States. Both of them hail from nationalistic bent of mind. On one side Putin is bent upon promoting nationalistic interests worldwide, his American counterpart wants to create a new Great America putting America first. 

Trump and Putin both know each other well. Though Trump is usually open with his mind, Putin does not see him what the world sees Trump. Putin sees him the biggest ally as well as the biggest foe as far as the Russian interests are concerned. Putin will be in future making all efforts to be in the good books of the American President. On the other hand, Trump keeps praising Putin finding a combined American future going hand in hand with Russia.  Trump’s words display what he wants to convey to Putin – ‘‘Putin is a strong leader with a strong control over his country!’’. Trump did not stop here he went on admiring him saying – ‘‘Putin has been more of a “leader” than Barack Obama was as US president!’’

Like Putin, the US media also took a deep note of it. And this is what the media there opines – ‘‘Putin is Trump’s role model of leadership.”- is what opines the American media now.

No doubt, Putin’s foreign policy is based on a forthright assertion of national interest even going against a few international norms, still, Trump considers him much closer than Obama to the type of foreign policy Trump has outlined. And yes, the world watches the autocracy of Putin with not caring much about the approval of the Russian Congress or the Court’s rejection, he gets his things done by hook or crook. And this is what has created Russian stalwart of today’s poly-international arena – PUTIN.





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