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Senior Bolly-Actress Against Injustice   Raped at 6, Casting Couch Victim at 15

By GovernanceToday
In Mumbai
April 1, 2018


(Indraneel Teeto)


How long can you stay silent ignoring such incidents?

 Daisy Irani, the cute little child actor from the flicks like Boot Polish and Naya Daur, says she was raped at the age of six

 Admirable daring Daisy sets an example by speaking out against injustice & abuse in the Bolly-biz


It’s not less than a lifelong horror tale for a lady who has undergone such nightmares ever in her life.    Pain is not that painful as its sustained existence is. Living with a pain is more painful. It requires a great deal of courage to come out with that and let the world know about it. Daisy Irani, the lovely little star from the decade of 1950, has made this shocking revelation. She has suffered rape at the tender age of six. It was not something, she was trying to fetch limelight with a dark-reason neither does she appear to be expecting sympathy. 

Daisy has spoken out to highlight the vulnerabilities of young actors and children in the movie-world. Highlighting consequences of having over-ambitious parents focused on making their children into stars at all costs, she literally has alerted thousands of parents and wannabe-actors. The grand lady with an immaculate speaks out now and is an epitome of real-life heroics in a country where more than seventy percent rape and molestations do not reach to the police stations.

Daisy lived with the pain for more than fifty long years keeping the darks within her darksome space in the bosom. Away from the hustle-bustle of the world around us, she continued to suffer the same pain for thousands time in this duration of the five decades. Every time you think of one badly unforgettable day of your life, you live the same moments with the same amount of pain again. But that is not going to change the scenario for women and young people in the film industry.

She is not the only one. We grow up hearing such incidents like casting couch and the ‘favor’ for work or the exploitation stories. Though such stories rarely make headlines, still good, bad and ugly exist well in the Bolly-town. Lately another actress had also pointed out that while it might be viewed as cowardly, but speaking out against the casting couch might end an actress’ career. It was none other than Ileana D’Cruz. Talk about Richa Chadda, being a frank and opinionated person, she also does not opt for keeping mum on this sentiment.

Not just movie-town but also the TV-towns have same hidden agony. And if you trust the grape wine, the un-compromised and the ‘compromised’-crime is even more fatal up there. And this is also An equally vital fact that people victimized too are the part of the crime by saying yes to the exploitation or vice versa by staying silent on a successful attack by a RAPIST.

 The attack is physical but the pain breaks you three ways – your integrity as a person, your existence as a woman and your female body along with your shaken trust, broken belief and an un-healable-mind from that particular moments on. You may call it abuse when you are vulnerable to the wrong upon you. But still, this is bare harassment which keeps your body mind and soul as well ill as long as you live with this. Daisy probably is no more living with this sting of helplessness nor the pain, for now, she has shared it with all. Though, the reason for the sharing is truly for helping the new-comers and the next silent victims.

Is Bombay-world a boys’ club like everywhere else in India? Think about it. Women do not find a corner to cry hiding within their work premises over the clear-cut harassment of not paying them for so long in comparison with their male colleagues who get paid without fail. Talk about non-payment or delayed compensation – they do proliferate amongst female assistants be it a second or third line director, stylist or a technician.  Why? Simple – you come under the deal which without a word would keep happy with the tit-bits like salary and maybe a little more if she literally goes like – Aye aye, Sir!  This happens to many female assistant directors in the famous Bollywood. Their job gets more difficult and demanding when they do not want to succumb to un-said ‘offers’. Is even today the Bombay boys’ club is intact through and through where no can cry in a corner or fight her corner?

 They say the routine prejudice has to be tolerated if one wants to survive with or without dreams in the so-called dream world.  Just being a woman makes them ‘ready’ to tackle the innuendo-talks and the mindset from all walks and levels in the show-biz. Okaying this can let you go on but deal this rightly will send you to an open jail where with isolation one might need to pay getting terminated amidst an ongoing project right away. So the mantra is keeping walking silently! No, it is not jungle-raaj here. They say it is Bollywood. 

With careers that have minimal shelf lives, speaking out is just not an option in Hindi cinema. Females behind the camera are a vulnerable goat for a hunting but the hunting is too obviously heavy that the female actors also have to survive facing abuse and humiliations of all types. If the actress does not cope up with the situation and whines about the male lead receiving preferential treatment – here comes the retaliation part. Still, the pain is not over because the level of such exposure to the female artists has many long and unending live stories here ..daily.

She has to take it all and that too, all the time. Be it the regular bad habits or tantrums or simple misbehave, the ladies are advised to take it all silently as the seniors are just ‘letting off steam’. No doubt about the fact that it is a male-female power spectrum but actually it is about having power and therefore, throwing one’s weight around with silly egos. Here the abuse is a part of a female actress’ job. Their code of silence hides all darkness around and if you wish to step out of line is even an iota of a rebel you have got to pay for it professionally.

All kinds of abuse – be it physical, sexual or oral- on the receiving side there are too vulnerably blackmailed female folks. People and face from both sides are usually known by the inner circle..if not today, they are going to know all tomorrow. Even if you do not share your stories, your story or stories would share you with the inner groups of people. That shows it is all accepted by all or better say – everyone has his or her approval to the CRIME !!

Hence, the CRIME must be addressed immediately. Before the bare situation poses dire consequences physically, sexually as well as psychologically in the lives of the debilitated lot, it does require to be addressed straight with no ifs and buts. THE CRIME MUST NOT GO ON !!




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