Volume 1 Issue 5 – Moving Beyond Platitudes

By GovernanceToday
In Issue 5
March 7, 2016


Moving Beyond Platitudes

Governance Today - January2015

Volume 1 Issue 5


The month of January saw media space dominated by the anticipation, expectation and analysis of the US President Obama’s visit to India. It is true that it was for the first time that an American President was the guest of honor on the Republic Day celebrations, the noteworthy thing was the saturation coverage that primetime media provided to the visit, especially electronic media. From technicalities of the Air Force One to the thickness of the doors of the “beast,” and the layers of Obama’s security, media went over the top to get ahead in the TRP game. The more substantive part of the debate has also been rather  acrimonious. Even as the agreement was reached on operationalizing the deal, the debate raged on who should get credit for the deal. As ruling party went gaga over the fact that it was Modi who personally took the lead to seal the deal, Congress went ballistic that former Prime Minister Mamohan Singh was not being given due credit. Some Congress leaders demanded credit be given to even Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. On the other hand, CPM, which was dead against India’s nuclear deal with the US and had pulled out of UPA-I on the issue, took out a protest rally against the deal.