As world moves online for most day to day transactions including shopping, entertainment, financial transaction etc., security of data assumes paramount importance. With greater transactions moving on to the digital platform, rogue elements have taken to Internet for robbing people of not just money, but also individual data. Trend Micro provides online security and data protection services, which is a key element of today’s Internet infrastructure. To discuss more about the company’s services and products, Ritika Bisht of Governance Today spoke to Nilesh Jain, Country Manager, Trend Micro, India. Edited excerpts:

Nilesh Jain, Country Manager, Trend Micro, India

TrendMicro is known for providing smart protection with innovative security technology that aligns with the evolving ecosystem. Can you provide a brief about your security solutions?

Trend Micro has a myriad of security solutions catering to both Personal and Business devices. It is a leader in the enterprise space & has B2B solutions divided into three major categories viz.

  • Cloud and Data Center security: Secure the virtual and cloud environments without performance compromises
  • Custom Defense: Detect, analyze, adapt and respond to targeted attacks before damage is done
  • Complete user protection: Secure all users’ activity – any application, any device, anywhere

Trend Micro has perfectly tailored services for large companies with complex requirements and for smaller companies with limited IT resources. It also has various support services like Managed services, Cloud services, ISP and Telco services and many more.

Extending its offerings for the enterprises, Trend Micro also offers Enterprise Security Software giving proactive cyber security enabling users to fight back with custom defense. It offers Deep Security Platform that provides centralized protection for physical, virtual, and cloud servers, as well as for virtual desktops. Available as software or as a service, this platform provides enterprises with security optimized for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and VMware virtual environments.

Furthermore it has proactive cyber security for a custom defense, which rapidly detects, analyzes, and responds to targeted attacks on the network. It can help stop targeted email attacks, and detect advanced malware with custom sandbox analysis before damage is done. Trend Micro’s Deep Discovery—Advanced Threat Protection Platform is one of the best services on offer today. It uniquely detects and identifies evasive threats in real time, then provides in-depth analysis and actionable intelligence.

Can you provide a brief about your cloud data and data center security solutions?

Trend Micro offers one of the most comprehensive Cloud and Data Center security solutions. It enables companies to secure critical data and applications across cloud and virtualized environments with effective protection that maximizes their operational and economic benefits.

The Trend Micro Cloud and Data Center Security solution protects applications and data and prevents business disruptions, while helping meet regulatory compliance. Whether an organization is focused on securing physical virtual, cloud, or hybrid environments, Trend Micro provides the advanced server security one needs with its highly acclaimed Deep Security platform.

Smart Protection Network is one of the leading technology solutions of Trend Micro. Can you elaborate on this technology?

In this tech savvy generation where BYOD is trending, users today access corporate resources in the office, at home, on the road, or anywhere in between. Such policies are being implemented by organizations to add to the employees’ availability and efficiency by allowing them to work from their personal device, any network or application. This makes it increasingly challenging to protect them irrespective of what they are doing or how they are doing it. In situations like this, enterprises need smarter security that goes wherever the users go. Enterprises need interconnected security that shares intelligence across security layers so they can consolidate their view of user activity across all threat vectors. They need security that seamlessly moves from on-premises to cloud without impacting licensing or commercial agreements.

Countering such situations, Trend Micro has two products viz, Smart Protection Complete and Smart Protection EndPoints. Smart Protection Complete is an interconnected suite of security that delivers the best protection at multiple layers using the broadest range of anti-malware techniques available. Companies can evolve their protection along with their business using flexible on-premises, cloud and hybrid deployment models making changes on the fly without the hassles of new licenses. Business owners can manage users across multiple threat vectors with a complete view of security.

On the other hand Smart Protection EndPoints is a high-performance endpoint security suite that protects virtual and physical desktops against today’s evolving threat landscape using the broadest range of anti-malware techniques available. Multiple layers of threat and data security protect users and corporate information across all devices and applications. Additionally, the companies can also get the same cloud flexibility and user-centric management benefits of Smart Protection Complete.

Can you name any government departments where Trend Micro is deploying its security solutions?

With the announcement of the Smart City campaign by the Indian Government, the requirement to secure the entire Smart City landscape will be indispensable. Trend Micro is all set to invest in the security infrastructure of the project depending on how it progresses.