In Furtherance of Good Governance

National Co-Convener, Information Technology Cell, Bharatiya Janata Party, India
National Co-Convener, Information Technology Cell, Bharatiya Janata Party, India
Vinit Goenka, National Co-Convener, Information Technology Cell, Bharatiya Janata Party, India

I DO UNDERSTAND THE SIGNIFICANCE of the magazine to the society in the coming time. The magazine can play a vital role in bringing out the expectations of the people from the government and be a positive critic of the existing governance systems in India. It can indeed make a significant difference, being the solution provider to the major problems of the society by suggesting new models of governance which are easily scalable and more effective and efficient. But to be able to do it, it is necessary that you always move ahead with the intention to find the solution to the problems that the society and government are grappling with every day.

It is very important that the governance systems are to be responsive to the needs of the citizens. As you know the government fails to deliver the intended results due to the unnecessary complicated bureaucratic processes, but in order to make it responsive, it is only possible through a medium like your magazine which cannot only capture the right expectations of the citizens but also audit, if the existing processes are delivering right value to the people. In my view on the future course of governance in India, the utmost important question that would be asked time and again is- “How responsive is the system to the needs of the citizens?” Today a common man doesn’t appreciate any delay in the services that are to be delivered from the government. I hope the questions answered below would drive the evolution.

How fast can the system respond to the needs of the citizens ?
This question ensures that the systems that are required for identifying the needs of the citizens in the lowest time possible ought to be employed so that the required services can be provided. For example: If there is a breakout of an epidemic in any region of the country, it is necessary that the timely action be taken rather than run the risk of a pandemic. This ‘fast’ response can be achieved by incorporating the social media as part of the governance system to get the feedback in the shortest time possible from the society.

How the systems identify the needs of the citizens beforehand and how preventive measures be taken based on the previous experience ?
The systems can be pre-prepared to the changing needs of the citizens by knowing the needs which might occur in a particular time beforehand.
For example: It is a known fact that during monsoon the epidemics break out and so it is necessary that the medication is pre-prepared to ensure the casualties due to the epidemics are lowest. This can only be achieved by employing the tools like analytics into the governance systems so as to identify the pattern of re-occurrences of various issues based on the past data. This ensures that the governance systems are more effective.

How governance systems ensure that the initiatives of the government are properly communicated to the citizens ?
The governance system will adopt the tools of social media and also embrace the new technologies to ensure that the services are communicated
to the citizens so that they can avail a better service and also bring in more transparency in the system.

How governance systems ensure the mass customisation of the services and scale them up easily?
With the embracement of new technologies and use of mobile phone, the governance can ensure that it delivers to every citizen by customising
its services as per the needs of the citizen. It is also easier to scale up the processes with the use of technology.

Finally, I would like to express my best wishes to your magazine and wish you all the best for your future endeavors.