GOI Motivating Development of Secured Made In India Video Conferencing and Document Management Platform


As COVID-19 sustained to rattle the whole system worldwide and when people are obligated to stay homes, a crusading need for contacting each other and making conference calls for work purposes has become very needful. Many organizations and enterprises have shown a dire need to discuss things online and keep it going. They are demanding a platform to discuss work over a conference call, chat, and send emails and important files to each other instantly.

These organizations are looking for something where they can protect their data and privacy in file sharing. They require something like a secured network application to tackle their business meeting concerns of utmost importance.

In India, the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology has studied the situation closely and has made some determined efforts. The government has announced an ‘Innovation Challenge for Development of a Video Conferencing Solution’ under the Make in India Initiative. According to this challenge, India seeks to come out as a global player in application development, production, and supply of innovative and efficient software products.

What the government has in mind for a secured conference meeting:

The Innovation Challenge is open for participation for experts from all domains of a software development department. The initiative is cited as a proposal in front of information technology companies and would be one of the key products, to having the tremendous capability for scalability, market, and domestic value addition.

Aligning the need for government concern and also to solve the fear of losing important data to hackers, the government desire a full-proof application. As government meetings and internal data is something which can’t be compromised upon, this challenge is put to serve the nation on which we can depend in a longer run.

All that’s expected out of the competition is a sustainable and secure tool that can be trusted and also support all possible video resolutions and audio quality. A platform where work can be done in low and high network scenarios like even in weak usage of power/ processor. In fact, no external hardware dependency should be seen. It must be something that could be easy to operate in many case scenarios, for example, it has to work on any device, provide a chat option during the conference, and even during multi people meetings.

A secure way for people to enter into the meeting to sign-in and non-sign-in options must be given if to join a conference or stay out of it. Now, it can be a browser or an application based interface but a secured encrypted network communication is mandatory. Again when making conference calls would be the key goal, sound effective audio, and video recording feature is a must-have.

Because when you’re using a face tool to discuss ideas, fast file sharing features must not go missing from the dashboard. And audio to close captioning during the chat (multilingual) is also a necessity in an interface that allows is to function in all kinds of work domains. Also, should have the capability to host multiple concurrent conferences having multiple participants in each conference.

Among the most important criteria for evaluating a video conferencing platform is end-to-end encryption of calls and data protection policies. This feature is not only useful to government meetings but for companies who want their office data to be shared securely amongst their employees and nothing should go to third parties’ data access.

What are the expected results?

This properly outlined plan is designed after brainstorming and seeing the growing menace of COVID 19, which is likely to hover around for some months or longer. Once a secure platform is designed people can instantly join, host or manage a video, audio, or web meeting from a conference room, your desk, or a remote location via your Mac, PC, or mobile device.

This will not only create a meeting space but will turn conference rooms into collaboration centers helping in scaling the enterprise businesses online. This is how through online events your business will be able to transform into engaging experiences that attendees look forward to.

Your video calls are private like your personal life, just like that no third party can break inside your house. Therefore, it has to deliver end-to-end encryption which is closest to getting total privacy when it comes to online communication. Technically, no one can intercept your calls or private data during calls, not even the government and not even the servers of technical barges.

And security uncertainties are a leading concern:

Confidential data may get leaked through recording features on most platforms, security breaches, and barging into personal data are some other issues that the administration is anxious about.

While the world is depending on the famous zoom application during COVID 19, as it breakthrough the bad times like a hero of making conference meetings, the application is not stated safe by the government.

Recently there have been revelations made across all media platforms about the increased scrutiny of this service application. No end-to-end encryption system is stated to be installed in the application and in an order issued on March 30, CERT-IN said that Zoom is said to be a vulnerable platform for cyberattacks and can allow hackers to access sensitive information and communication history.

There can be various platforms not secured to use, that might not only leak important legal information but can also be apprehensive to individuals’ personal data.

But the Indian Government is on a safer track to initiate conferences:

So now is the time or never, highly personalized networking functions are calling for a platform to foster social engagement and feedback, to store expanded information from each session, to share information with all attendees at once, and to collect and analyze data from attendees.

Some startups are also preparing alternative platforms to come at the forefront for the help of the nation. Tagbin (https://tagbin.in/) – an experience-driven technology service company is developing a secured video conferencing software combined with DMS (Document Management System) for helping government departments and private organizations dealing with the current scenario.

Conference meeting apps are a must-have in today’s scenario. Adding it will create accessibility with content, notifications, feedback, and everything else you will need to communicate with your attendees.