Government should ensure affordable housing in smart cities: D&B Report


Affordable HousingA recent report by Dun & Bradstreet has advised government to ensure affordable housing in proposed smart cities along with a plan for vertical expansion in future. The report said, knowing the burden that migration can impose on city resources, it is very important for smart cities to be planned in a way that they can expand vertically.

It added that the success of ‘smart cities’ project will depend on better planning and provision of basic requirements in these cities.

“Redevelopment of old properties and development of satellite cities can help manage this impending situation. Most importantly, the government must also step in to ensure that the housing facilities are affordable and inclusive,” it said.

“The smart cities programme would be a great boon if implemented well. It must be ensured that the benefits of smart cities are all-pervasive and available to all. Most importantly, there must be focus on better planning and provision of basic requirements in these smart cities,” the report said.

Availability of water and power, construction of earthquake-resistant buildings and efficient drainage and waste disposal/management systems are also very important, the report noted.

“Without focusing on these bare necessities, the smart cities programme will not provide the desired impact. Nonetheless, the smart cities programme offers endless opportunities to infrastructure companies, not just for business, but also in terms of actively participating in propelling the nation towards rapid growth,” the report said.