J& K Return Policy for militants to join the mainstream


The draft return policy for the return of the militants is under the consideration of the government of Jammu and Kashmir.

The draft policy aims to address the need for rehabilitation at a policy level through a two-pronged approach: reformative measures and opportunities of livelihood. It includes a provision for a monthly stipend of Rs 6,000 in 2004 Rehabilitation policy the stipend was of Rs.2000 PM for first three year for a militant who surrenders with a view to encourage the militants to join the mainstream and lead a normal life. Also there was the Plan for establishing of counseling centers “where the return terrorist along with his or her family would be lodge for the period of three month or up to necessary period, but these centre were never established. In 2010 rehabilitation policy focused on facilitating the return of ex-militants from J&K who had crossed over between January 1989 and December 2009 for training but later gave up insurgent activities due to a change of heart and are willing, to return to the state.

The draft policy under the consideration of the government is the revised version of earlier initiatives but with a renewed focus on socio-economic re -integration. The policy will not cover militants found to have been involved in heinous crimes.