Are We Not Capable Enough To Stamp Out


When I have started writing this editorial, I am in the anguish of the Uttar Pradesh incident.

Every child is important for the country.The angst of parents could not sum up in a word like the pain of
the nation as well in words. We all know the nation has lost would – be engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs, scientist,
bureaucrats and politician etc. every year either it’s a mistake of administration or it’s a callousness of our creaky system.

The first question came to mind that why that much of country’s future was in the hospital at a time and
fighting for life and death. Due to Acute Encephalitis Syndrome. What is this? Are we not capable enough to root out it?

We all are politicizing the entire issue blaming Gas agencies, Government, Administration, and politician. No one is taking measures to prevent
our future from premature death. AES and JEV first reported in 1955 in Vellore (Tamilnadu) and 1973 at Bankura Distt. In West Bengal.
Thereafter, sporadic cases of AES and outbreaks have been the leading cause of premature deaths due to the diseases in India.
The Government and administration were not taking it seriously at that time. Between 2000 and 2010, a dramatic change was observed in the AES
scenario, which saw the rise in non-JE outbreaks mostly caused by viruses such as Chandipura virus (CHPV), Nipah virus (NiV), and other viruses
Endemic regions of various viruses reported causing AES in India. JEV has its endemic zones running along the Gangetic plains including states
of UP (East), Bihar, West Bengal and Assam, and parts of Tamil Nadu. CHPV that hit the states of Maharashtra …
JE was the major cause of these deaths, albeit virologists identified another causal agent in the form of ‘toxin-mediated illnesses. Investigators hypothesized
the causal agent as a toxin prevalent in the litchi fruit (Indian Express, 14/10/ 2014). Safe and effective vaccines are available to
prevent AE/JE. WHO recommends that AE/JE vaccination be integrated into national immunization schedules in all areas where JE disease is recognized
as a public health issue? The second Most important issue is 35A and 370 in that particular subject, the political parties are crying hoarse on one side leaving none to chances.
When India for Kashmir, why not the Kashmiris for India. Selecting this fist mounds every Indian wants to segregate sections from J&K.

We need a strong political will to restrain this feeling and to take hard decisions. Otherwise, it will be cancerous in the beautiful face of India.