Optimizing resource utilization for Navy


navyBecause of the very high cost of a futuristic aircraft carrier, the Defense Ministry is doing a rethinking and is evaluating options for more optimal utilization of resources for other critical purchases like submarines and advanced frigates. Navy officials feel that plan for a 65,000 ton nuclear powered aircraft carrier to be fitted with an American catapult system may not get financial  clearances soon as the ministry was looking at other options. According to estimates, the cost of construction of the carrier itself,
without the aircraft, could exceed Rs 70,000 crore. The high cost is primarily due to the integration of the nuclear plant as well as the American electromagnetic aircraft launch system (EMALS). For the Indian Navy, the aircraft carrier has always been  central to projection of power and status as the dominant maritime force of the region. India currently has two carriers, Viraat and Vikramaditya, and there is another one under construction in Kochi.