Positive Governance towards Mass Health & Farm Insurance


Mass Health & Farm Insurance Schemes

under the positive governance in India

It was three years ago in the year 2015 when the Indian Government was planning to launch a universal health scheme and an exclusive all-in-one insurance product for the farming community as part of its ongoing efforts to bring people under the social security net. This is 2018 going on now.

Against the backdrop of rising incidents of farmer suicides in the country, the government was keen to provide financial protection to farmers, thereby ensuring food security, crop diversification and enhancing growth and competitiveness of agriculture sector besides protecting farmers from financial risk.

It was a policy which proposed incorporating various products like crop insurance, health cover, personal accident insurance, livestock/cattle insurance, insurance cover for agriculture implements like tractors and pump sets, student safety insurance and life insurance.

It was expected that the proposed health insurance scheme would be available to all families not exceeding five members, including families headed by senior citizens in the country wherein entire family would be covered under a single sum insured.

The universal health insurance scheme was supposed to be offering two kind of covers – with sum assured of INR50,000 (US$764) and INR100,000 – for which a customer may have to pay a premium of INR700 and INR1300 respectively. The policy covered cashless hospitalisation for diseases contracted or injury sustained by the insured persons and pre-existing diseases would be included after a waiting period of 24 months. But now it has been four years. This is 2018 going on. Probably there is much to be done if not too much..