Volume 1 Issue 10 – What Ails Indian Agriculture

By GovernanceToday
In Issue 10
March 7, 2016

What Ails Indian Agriculture

Governance Today - June-2015

Volume 1 Issue 10

The Government of India has recently launched the 24/7 Krishi Channel of Doordarshan to provide agriculture related information and know how to farmers. Good for farmers. However, the novel move was lost in the boisterous noise created by more political and TRP grabbing issues such as ‘Vyapam Scam’ and ‘Lalitgate’. But it is necessary to pause for a moment and think about the status of the two-third population of the country, which is toiling out in farmland to eke out two square meals a day. Many of us grew with Krishi Darshan show, which runs daily on the national television. The program provides useful information about which seeds to use, how to irrigate the land, how to take care of crops, which fertilizer or pesticides to use and how to benefi t from various government programs for farmers. The moot question, however, is what impact this or any other such shows have had on the agriculture of the country. May be a little, for those lucky few who had electricity supply in their villages and who were rich enough to afford television. But for most, none of this made any sense.