Volume 1 Issue 7 – Time To Take off

By GovernanceToday
In Issue 7
March 7, 2016

Time To Take off

Governance Today - April2015

Volume 1 Issue 7


Farmers committing suicide is not unusual in India. It happens almost every eason. Unseasonal rains and strong winds that lashed the entire north- western region recently could be the latest trigger for the extreme step by farmers at margin. At least seven farmers have already committed suicide, and one farmer has suffered an instant heart attack on seeing his flattened  wheat crop, in Uttar Pradesh.

Ministry of Agriculture has estimated damage to standing crops in 50 lakh hectares in Punjab, Haryana, UP, J&K, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. The situation in Vidharbha in Maharashtra is worse from economic point of view, as the current distress came at a time when the rabi season was expected to offset the losses suffered on account of a shortfall in monsoon rains in the kharif season. That hope now stands dashed. About 20 per cent of the standing wheat crop and 30 per cent of mustard crop has been damaged, as per the Directorate of Wheat Research in Karnal.