Volume 1 Issue 9 – The Complex Case of India’s Internal Security

By GovernanceToday
In Issue 9
March 7, 2016
The Complex Case of India's Internal Security

Governance Today - June-2015

Volume 1 Issue 9

In our previous issue we brought out the problems pertaining to Indian education system. This time around we shifted our focus on much graver subject – India’s internal security environment. Internal security is one of the top national issues of the country today. The internal security of the country has various dimensions, including defending country’s citizens from various threats, increasing security at city level, investing on police modernization and fighting increasing cybercrime, to name a few.

Terrorism and Naxal threat, critical infrastructure protection, border security, maritime security, police modernization, city  surveillance, intelligence and cyber security are crucial challenges that require extensive funding from the government. With  the escalating modern day criminal activities, the Ministry of Home Affairs has realized the need for investing more on  technological capability of the internal security ecosystem to provide agile security governance.