Why the National Security Issue important to Modi is this Election?


In the general elections, national security emerging as an important issue. It was not expected to happen and it was argued that the current elections will be fought mainly on issues of unemployment and jobs as well as issues of farmers. At present, there is no evidence that the Indian voter will choose the next government on the basis of the national security credentials, but we are in the third stage of a long election phase and about India’s policy regarding Pakistan and its military stance In – The government is being discussed and debated by the opposition as well as by the general public.

To a lesser extent, whatever happened in February in Pulwama and the strong action taken by India in response to Pakistan’s deception, it has decided that these issues will find their place in electoral discussions. The Narendra Modi government’s decision to attack the Mirage 2,000 fighter planes of Indian Air Force (IAF) at terrorist camps in Balakot, Muzaffarabad and Chakoti in Pakistan is also an important indication of India’s stand in the war against terrorism, which is now Until Pakistan’s nuclear-related zenith, was limited due to fierce. India almost ignored this gimmickry and did not give much importance to Pakistan’s air strikes, indicating that they did not wish to act responsibly. India has learned from its past, after every single incitement of Pakistan, the international community began to struggle to reduce its tension. Now this time Pakistan has to decide if they want to increase this tension and to what extent they want to increase.

There are many people in the country who are overwhelmed by the strategic and operational information of Indian Air Force’s operations; the reality is that this action has reversed the strategic equation between India and Pakistan, that too for good. Pakistan’s attitude is clear that there is a danger of such attacks from India. After separating Pakistan into the world community, India has used military force with great speed, in this way, not only has Pakistan forced to pay the price of using terrorism, but rather the weapons of nuclear weapons do not use and demonstrate the ability to do sub-conventnal war.

In view of the change in India’s stand, Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party has to mention the army in the discussions related to elections. The use of the army is purely a political decision and the most important reason behind the change in India’s strategic approach is Modi’s political leadership, so it would be absurd to say that the government should not take credit for this military action. . Ironically, the opposition, as strongly as the opposition, will try to snatch the credit for Modi, the more easily it will be credited to Modi’s account.

It would also be somewhat unfair to say that national security and foreign policy should not be the issue of political competition. In democracy, especially during the elections, the voter has the right to know and understand the differences in the way political parties are dealing with foreign and national security challenges facing the country. In all democracies, from America and Britain to Australia and Japan, foreign policies are strongly discussed and debated. It is true that there is no major change in the foreign policies of the government when there is a change in the powerful countries, but different political parties and different leaders allow it for their conduct. So as a country, we should welcome the debate on national security and foreign policy, which has been waged these days.

It also lights the BJP on the effective management of its election machinery. The BJP is fighting these elections on the basis of national security and nationalism, with which she is most confident. Opposition has failed to turn the trend of electoral discussions to jobs and agricultural crisis, on which he wanted to encroach on the Modi government. Many months ago Modi has been deciding the political plot and the opposition are compelled to answer the story of unity, synergy and purpose without any kind. Congress’s inability to give a solid answer to the challenge being offered by Modi is the biggest obstacle. In fact, much earlier than Pulwama, Congress was keen to make Rafael deal and the so-called alleged allegations of corruption against Modi in this election. Regardless of the long publicity, he is not able to make changes in people’s perceptions. After the Pulwama, the urgent need for modernization of the fleet of India’s fleet of aircraft has foiled the argument of the opposition’s ‘Modi thief’ even more strongly.

Just as the pivot of the importance of Indian politics is moving in the right direction, there has not been any compelling debate on Indian foreign policy and national security pragmatics. Since the BJP is in the forefront in defining the national agendas on these matters, in this way, the Indian Left needs to introspect about it, where, where did they miss them, and by lowering the significance of nationalism, they themselves were national There is a need to be made non-essential in the security sector. Modi and BJP, who are expressing the framework of national security and foreign policy, till now, they seem to conform to the ambitions of the vast majority of people and this is what has brought them to the advantage of these elections.