Worldwide Cost of Living Survey 2019 by EIU.


The Economist Intelligence Unit has released the report of the Worldwide Cost of Living Survey 2019.

10 Most Expensive City In The World

  • Paris, France                         Joint 1st.
  • Hong Kong, China                  Joint 1st
  • Singapore                                  Joint 1st
  • Zurich, Switzerland               Rank 4th
  • Geneva, Switzerland             Joint 5th
  • Osaka, Japan                        joint 5th
  • Seoul, South Korea                Joint 7th
  • Copenhagen, Denmark          Joint 7th
  • New York, US                      Joint 7th
  • Tel Aviv, Israel                     Joint 10th
  • Los Angeles                         Joint 10th

10 Cheapest Cities in the world

  • Caracas, Venezuela               Rank 133rd
  • Damascus, Syria                  Rank 132nd
  • Tashkent, Uzbekistan            Rank 131st
  • Almaty Kazakhstan               Rank 130th
  • Bangalore, India                  Rank 129th
  • Karachi, Pakistan                Joint  127th
  • Lagos, Nigeria                      Joint  127th
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina       Joint 125th
  • Chennai, India                    Joint 125th
  • New Delhi, India                   Joint 125th

For the first time in its 30-year history, three cities have been accorded the title of the world’s most expensive city in the Worldwide Cost of Living Survey from The Economist Intelligence Unit

The Survey compares more than 400 individual prices across 160 products and services in cities around the world by keeping New York as the benchmark city.